Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cuando sea grande quiero ser...

Hoy fue la "graduación" de pre-escolar de mi hijo. Yo estaba un poco renuente a eso de ir para una graduación que no es ni siquiera del grado antes de primer grado, pero bueno, asi son las cosas en este país.

Para mi grata sorpresa, el acto estuvo de lo mejor. Pusieron fotos de todos los niños con la frase "Cuando sea grande quiero ser...", y por supuesto no faltaron las princesas, y los bomberos, y los médicos, y otras sorpresas como ninjas y espías.

Esa pregunta, a esa edad es tan simple, y cuando eres es adulto es tan complicada.

Yo estoy por cumplir 40 años pronto y me he preguntado varias veces "¿Soy lo que quería ser?". A ninguna otra edad me he hecho esa pregunta porque siempre he pensado que todavía no era grande. Pero a los 40, creo que ya soy grande, y por ende la pregunta viene al caso.

La realidad es que no he respondido a la pregunta o quizás la he evitado. Como dije antes: es complicado.

Pensándolo bien, a lo mejor no importa. Pero lo que si puedo decir es que la vida terminó siendo mucho mejor de lo que me había imaginado. Eso es seguro. Y si ese es el caso, ahora que soy grande, puedo dar las gracias de que llegué aquí porque ha sido el mejor viaje.

¡Y lo que queda!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Help us today: World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day and the last day for for the Big Blue Test.

Please wear blue to help us raise awareness about the impact of exercise as a great way to control your diabetes.

This is me wearing blue today

Also, I wanted to thank everyone that helped me raise $1,000 for the Diabetes Hands Foundation. I ran my race yesterday and it was great. I wore blue to honor World Diabetes Day and I was able to reach the time that I wanted (1 hour, 55 minutes).

This is me finishing the race

Lastly I wanted to advocate that you participate in the Big Blue Test. Please visit our website for instructions. Your participation can help save lives. 

I leave you with this great video about the campaign that will inspire you to participate.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making it count: My first half-marathon

I've been involved with the Diabetes Hands Foundations (DHF) for about 5 years now. From the onset it was obvious that it would be a very rewarding endeavor. The stories that our users shared in and have always inspired me.

It is an interesting thing to have Diabetes. You don't look sick and for the most part you can never tell that someone has it. But if you are around someone with it, very quickly you realize that the person's life revolves around it. From the moment they wake up they are affected by it. They need to measure the glucose levels for which they need to pinch a finger, that number determines the next meal, sometimes it determines their whole day.

If you have Diabetes, you need to live a healthy life, no choice. You need to eat balanced, avoid sugar, and exercise. Really, we could all benefit from living like that.

A few months ago I decided to increase the time I devoted to working out. I was already swimming regularly, but only a few times a week. I didn't really like running, but it allowed me the opportunity to work-out more times a week. Because life is much more fun with a challenge, I figured that training for a half marathon would keep me motivated. I told myself: if I can do a half marathon, I could set an example and also try raising money for DHF.

So here I am. I've been training for about 6 months. I have lost around 18 pounds and in three weeks I will be running my first half marathon. The day happens to be the day before World Diabetes Day.

Me in April 2011
Me in September 2011

My goal is to raise $1,000 for DHF. The money will really helps us continue to run our communities and programs. Please helps us by visiting my fund raising page and donating anything you can.

Fund Raising Page: DHF - Luis Half Race

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Opportunity of Online Education

Today was published in the 102nd anniversary edition of the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, and interview with me about Online Education.

Hoy fue publicada en la edición 102 aniversario del diario venezolano El Universal, una entrevista que me hicieron acerca de educación online.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A night of recognition

Last night in an award ceremony in St. Louis, MO we were awarded the USDLA 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning by the United States Distance Learning Association. Two of our colleagues were also recognized for their work in distance education.

We are incredibly proud of this honor that recognizes the hard work of so many people to bring Full Sail University education to thousands of students around the United States and the world.

This only inspires us to continue to innovate in education and work harder for the success of our students. Thank you USDLA for this recognition, it means a lot to us.